Gem Insurance

I am paying $180. per year for Insurance coverage on my Gem e2. Coverage is for Liability, medical, ACV Comprehensive and Collision coverage. Located in Washington State. Is this a fair rate?

Mine is insured as a Golf Cart same coverage as yours $4000 valuation. $64 per year in central Florida.


I was paying $45.00 per month with Farmers on a 2007 E2 in California. Everything is more expensive in Cali. Full coverage as an on road car.

I have to look at what I paid but it was around $130ish with Safeco insurance also in WA state… Only company who would insure it…

I’m paying $486 per year for liability, 100 deductible Comp and 250 deductible Collision with State Farm in Oklahoma.
I can only wish for a $64-a-year policy.

[quote=OLD HOUSEBOATER;29610]Mine is insured as a Golf Cart same coverage as yours $4000 valuation. $64 per year in central Florida.


I would suggest you get a definite understanding that your coverage will apply “on and off” the golf course while being driven for pleasure and street use. I am aware that several companies have restrictive language when coverage is afforded “as a golf cart”. Some even extend limited coverage to golf carts under a Homeowners policy. Not taking any chances I have declared my e2 as an NEV/LSV and included on my auto insurance policy with Hartford AARP. Our small city allows use on streets under 35MPH posting with no license plates required but with seat belts/lights/horn. I have had to replace my tires/wheels to a “Turf Tire” size in order to use on the 3 golf courses.

What agent are you using in WA? The quote I received for liability only was $500 per year. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of options in WA!

I am my own Insurance “Agent” after spending over 40 years in the Insurance Brokerage/legal profession. I just renewed with the AARP/Hartford program with coverage for my Gem as a second car. Have 250/500/100 Liability–50/100 Uninsured motorist–100Ded Comprehensive and 500Ded Collision both at value of $6,000. for ANNUAL total premium of $184. I suggest you find an Agent/Broker who is an “Independent” rather than trying to get your own quotes. Also I doubt many are aware of the Gem being in NEV compliance and Licensed. Another quirk I have run across is referring to my Gem as a “Polaris Gem” as everyone knows the Polaris name and there is less explanation, etc. Some questions–Where do you live in Washington? What company insures your autos? Is your Gem still “stock”. Your age? It is best to insure with same company insuring your family cars. Some Gem owners think they can insure as a golf cart but should read their policies if they license or run for street/ highway use.

Feel free to contact me again and I may be able to refer you to someone still in the business in your area. I retired and sold my operation several years ago.
Lost my Pilots medical, wife and kids took away my motorcycle and can’t travel anymore to do crew work on unlimited hydro so my Gem car is the only “Toy” left.

Take care-Dick Canfield 509-496-0373

What type of turf tire did you buy. I am in Port Aransas on the beach and looking to buy new tires that can work in sand as well as on street.

If you still have the stock rims you may be limited to the tread width you can use. Check with a tire dealer for the maximum tread width for your rims. I suggest you stay away from the Low Profile tires for turf use.

I have USAA which tends to be cheaper but we are paying $65-$70/yr. We carried over the same limits as our 2 cars and the agent I spoke with specifically asked if it would be driven on the street.

I suggest you request USAA to include the “Miscellaneous Type Vehicle Endorsement” to your policy that covers your Gem Car. This endorsement is used to clarify the description of “Covered Automobile” to apply to the Golf Cart Type along with other Recreational type vehicles. There should be no charge for this endorsement and it may already be attached to your policy. It will be listed under “FORMS AND ENDORSEMENTS NOW MADE A PART OF THIS POLICY”. No Company agent has legal authority to modify policy wording nor extend coverage beyond policy provisions The agent having asked if your cart was being driven on the street needs some better evidence of coverage, hence the benefit of the Endorsement I have suggested.

Ok I’ll call and talk with them! Thanks for the suggestion.

We live not just in LA county, but the highest insurance zip code (possibly in the nation) available. USAA charges $179/6 mo for liability only. This in a multi car policy. If only the crazy drivers without any concept of the rules didn’t live/drive their exotic sports cars here.

Geico, Progressive, Esurance, and Allstate have recently declined to insure my GEM. I currently have liability insurance with State Farm, however, their rate for my Honda Accord is high so I have been searching for better rates.

Will y’all share with me where you get liability insurance?


Larry, what state do you live in? I’m in NY and have a policy with American modern insurance company with full coverage for $120 a year.


I’m not familiar with American.

i’m calling these guys, 120/yr is great