WTH... cannot find insurance coverage in FL anywhere

I was given this Gem a few weeks ago and think it’s super fun. However I’ve searched here, I’ve googled, I’ve called 4 random insurance companies that say they offer coverage only to have issues afterwards. I tried to add to my Esurance policy they said no coverage to offer. I cannot find any service for this Gem in FL. Spent the past three days with every free moment just attempting to give someone money for a policy and no one wants it. Had a few call backs that initially said they cover them but now only as a fleet or limo service vehicles. One just got confused and said they don’t offer coverage after all. Some suggest adding to my homeowners policy which I have no desire to do. Others just don’t call back. I’ve tried suggestions from previous old threads here. Most of those no longer cover FL for some reason. I really want to keep this thing. I have invested 20 hours and several hundred dollars getting this thing back up to 100% roadworthy never realizing how difficult it would be to tag. My kids love it. I only want to use it for a 2 square mile area yet Dmv says have to have insurance to add a tag to be legal. I’m absolutely at my wits end. Help someone please with some current information…

I used safeco and it is added as a 3rd vehicle to my regular policy. It is about $400 a year. My agent is first florida insurance on Merritt Island, ask for Carla.

I live on Long Island, Allstate quoted me $660 for 6 months, American Modern was $245 for the year.

Make sure you tell them that your gem car is street legal and will have tags on it. You do not want golf cart insurance, that is not street legal. You have to insure it just like it’s a car.

You may want to get re quoted on your gen policy, I live in Nys and have American modern insurance and mines $75 a year with full coverage. The only catch is that mines a motorcycle policy. $75 is the minimum policy premium and then I somehow get a check for $10 for over billing me.

Is that for a 6 month policy? Allstate carries my house and three cars. My boat is insured with the Mott Agency because I had the same issues with Allstate, three times the cost.

I have mine insured through State Farm but they classify it as a car so it’s about $350 ever 6 months for the bare minimum. I’m in Tampa Florida

I would be careful with your motorcycle policy, its definitely not legal in florida. I spent my first 43 years of life in ny and spent 20 years as a police officer there and I believe your policy is wrong. A gem is not a motorcycle its considered a car when titled and insured for the road.

Got a call back that sounds promising… fingers crossed. She’s calling back tomorrow with a quote. I’ll keep your posted.

Allstate has mine if FL.

I think it’s classified as a motorcycle policy because there is no occupant insurance like motorcycles. I’m thinking it’s along the same lie as having dirt bikes and mopeds on an ATV policy. My parents own an insurance agency so I doubt they would send me out the door with the wrong insurance, also I got a letter from the DMV about an insurance issue with was taken care of with a phone call. And my 08 gem is titled, registered and insured as a Polaris, so there was some extra scrutiny when paperwork went through.

I added mine to my Costco Ameriprise auto insurance policy and it’s only around $50 for 6 months full coverage

I originally had mine as motorcycle coverage also. Florida does not recognize such. Your license can be pulled fo no insurance , if involved in an accident. Also, most DVM personnel now know it is not legal and will not give you a tag.
Depending upon where you live in FL, different companies cover areas. I live in the NE section of FL. My insurance is with Sourhern Owners. However, I am going to check out some if the companies reflected on the feed to see if I can get a better deal.
When you finally acquire insurance , please share with us your company.
See you on the road in our fabulous GEM’s!!!

You’re going to get all kinds of responses on this forum. Here are the facts from FLDMV: https://www.flhsmv.gov/pdf/mv/lowspeedvehicles.pdf

I own an insurance agency, and this is a common question. Florida law has (3) classifications; Low Speed Vehicles, Golf Carts and Off Highway Vehicle.

  1. Low Speed Vehicles: are vehicles with top speeds of 20 to 25 MPH. Golf carts can be converted to low speed vehicles and vice versa so the two are often confused. Owners of low speed vehicles have higher Federal safety standards as well as other requirements. For example, a low-speed vehicle may be operated only on streets where the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less. Also, a low-speed vehicle must be equipped with headlamps, stop lamps, turn signal lamps, tail lamps, reflex reflectors, parking brakes, rearview mirrors, wind shield, seat belts, and vehicle identification number. Any person operating a low-speed vehicle must have in his or her possession a valid driver license. And, most importantly, a low-speed vehicle must be registered and insured with Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability.
  2. Golf Carts: A golf cart is a motor vehicle that is designed and manufactured for operation on a golf course for sporting or recreational purposes and is not capable of exceeding speeds of 20 miles per hour. Conventional golf carts are not classified as low speed vehicles because they have a top speed of less than 20 MPH. Consequently, they are subject only to state and local requirements regarding safety equipment. Golf carts are not titled or registered and as such are not required to be insured with PIP/PDL
  3. Off Highway Vehicle: An all-terrain vehicle is described as being 50 inches or less in width, having a dry weight of 1,200 pounds or less, designed to travel on three or more non-highway tires, and is manufactured for recreational use by one or more persons. An off-highway motorcycle is any motor vehicle used off the roads or highways of Florida that has a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and is designed to travel with no more than two wheels in contact with the ground but excludes a tractor or a moped. Off-highway vehicles are titled but not registered and are not required to be insured with PIP/PDL.

GEM cars are “Low Speed Vehicles”. They have a 17 Character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and require Insurance. Mistakes have been made by some DMV employees by classifying a GEM Car as a Golf Cart. All Gem Cars have a title. Golf Carts do not.

An extension off your home owner’s policy will not meet FLDMV laws for Low Speed Vehicles and if your involved in an accident, you may find yourself in jeopardy for not having the correct insurance.
The bigger concern is if you get into an accident. If you’re in anyway responsible for a part of the accident, you’re going to need insurance. Some home owner policies have riders and can provide coverage. Progressive and Foremost are two great companies although Progressive tends to be much higher cost. Talk to your local agent to get quotes and please remember even your local agent maybe confused about Golf Carts and Low Speed Vehicles.


For more information please see the attached brochure: https://www.flhsmv.gov/pdf/mv/lowspeedvehicles.pdf

Also “Private communities” can have different rules for their community. A GEM car can cross a state roads. I would recommend you carrying more than just basic coverages to protect yourself. Best to contact your local agent…

Be Safe and have fun with that GEM…

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Progressive online motorcycle insurance don’t talk to an agent will get confused

Well folks I had more contact with the agent here in North FL. She said she has spent several hours researching this as she’s never had an issue like this before. She has confirmed that many people have tried, or currently carry, motorcycle coverage on them but it is wrong and could and likely will lead to a suspended license or worse. She says the only coverage she can find outside of rental fleet or limo commercial coverage is through Progressive. However, after 45 minutes on the phone with her they informed her they will not offer coverage for the gem unless I move all my other vehicles to them. I don’t believe this is a real situation in 2018. I have had the same insurance company for 15 years so I don’t think I’m going to move to progressive especially because the rates will be very high for the Gem. I’m now fairly sure I’m just going to sell the gem and be done with it. Sad. My kids were really eager to have some fun riding in it. I was eager to have a run about to bounce around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I just can’t risk tickets and other potential issues. So lame.

First that came up with a search for Florida NEV insurance list GEM.
I didn’t finish the form.



Inwo’s post sounds promising…

I have AAA insurance and simply added it to my existing policy at about $120 bucks a year with full comp and collision coverage for the value of the vehicle.

I think it also might be listed under a collector car policy, as I am unsure. I have one other collector car listed with them, and also a daily driver.

I have other “exotics” covered by collector car policies with Grundy, Hagarty and J.C. Taylor. I’m sure there are others out there as well.



Tried every single one via google. Once you get to the state portion on most it won’t allow Florida. On some it moves you to an off road vehicle section which doesn’t help either. Seems to be a state of Florida issue or issues. And I actually phoned the one above and they don’t cover Gems in Florida.

Edit: trying to back my way through their website in hopes that they were wrong on the phone.

Sometimes you gotta tell them the full name of the car…
Global electric motors…
Othe4wise they get confused…