Geico say no to Gem Car insurance!

What the heck buying a 2015 e4 from a friend so I call to get a price and they say I can do it fi I have home owners ( I rent ) or a private broker. Who do you guys use to insure your gem car?

I have State Farm . No issues.

I got it originally threw GICO who sold it to FOREMOST .

I heard that some insurance company have a magic number of specific policy’s Example GICO May has said they only wanna have 1 Million Golf Cart insurance policy’s and that’s it. Keep looking around. We just Re-Insured threw Foremost /Aka GICO

2015 Gem E4
Thank You State Farm.
liability 100/300
property damage 50
medical 5000
physical damage 250
uninsured motorist 100/300

$115.46 Per year.

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You must not be in California. It’s like 4 x that where I live…

Same here MD, $1400yr!

Wow!!! I live in the Florida keys.

I had my agent explain it to me once - it has to do with the area, population density & demographics, type and number of claims.

Florida Keys are probably used to seeing golf carts on the road.

Greater Sacramento area, not so much.

It’s all liability coverage in CA. Almost $130 for 6-months 25/50 liability on a freaking golf cart. Everything else is cheap on this vehicle: $25k medical is only $21.

My BMW only costs $50 more per 6 months… WTF.

State Farm. $85 a year. San Diego, CA

USAA in Los Angeles is $120 every 6 months.

State Farm in palm beach county, Florida no problem

I live in AZ. Carry $500k liab/UM/UIM, $5k medical, 250 collision, 100 comp - for $186 year with Farmers Insurance, who places it with Foremost (they own Foremost).

I have 4 vehicles and my homeowners with Geico. They wouldn’t insure my Gem either. i went with Liberty Mutual, no issues so far.

Don’t forget to have an umbrella policy if you go for the lowest liability limit on your GEM. It is a licensed vehicle and a wreck will open you up to high liability suit.

Was it insured as a lsv or golf cart?

It’s insured as a NEV, I believe. I’ll have to double check. It’s for sure insured as street legal.

Progressive Ins online / Orlando area / $94 yr / w/road service

2009 eS, Tulsa, OK, State Farm $360 per year.

A friend of mine was telling me why insurance company’s turn down things like “golf carts”.

He said that he was denied by his insurance company for Gem Car insurance because his insurance company said that they had already too many policies in that (particular insurance policy business) He claimed it was like having a stock portfolio that only had one type of investment, and that each insurance company has a Magic # of let’s say Boat policy’s, Airplane policy’s, golf cart policy’s. I guess we should not take it personally :slight_smile:

Personally I wouldn’t think that there is a lot of claims in relation to golf carts but what do I know?

I would be worried about this coverage. I talked to Progressive and they wrote me a policy too. Then I talked to another agent that has been doing this 23 years and he said they don’t write for these in Florida.

He said I would have had an Off Road ATV insurance and that would be wrong.

I would be very concerned if Progressive wrote you a policy. My previous owner said he had Progressive too so I went with it. But after over an hour on the phone with a local agent he went through all the documentation and said they do not insure for these vehicles.

It is a common mistake that is often overlooked at the DMV. The question is who does insure in Florida for these?