GEM insurance Increase for California 2020

Current Allstate policy wants to change my coverage to “Automobile” for 2020.
This increases from $140/year to $650/year (comp and Collision included)
Dropping C and C only decreases total $100 /year
Are other Californians seeing this increase and what are my alternatives?
Most on-line insurance quotes dont recognize “GEM,Global or Polaris” as the Make

I think I pay around $500/year (after discounts) through State Farm. I’m in a more expensive area for coverage, and I am carrying higher than minimum level coverage though.

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Just added my new (To me) 2002 GEM to my coverage it was $170 for 12 mos. this is for comp and collision, and apparently covers a full loss value at $5000 (not sure what i’d be be to cover more.

Great price, who’s your carrier?

Nationwide, through calif ins specialists in Bakersfield

Kyle Newlin

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We get our insurance from GICO. They sold the policy or broker the policy to a company called FORMOST $300 a year. With a $10k replacement value/cost.

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Just got a $74/year policy through progressive. They did it under the motorcycle division, but I asked several times to make sure to say what it was and it all worked out. I’m clear for the road and everything.


@Yardbeatles: Thanks for the clue-Just got a reply from them with same quote

No problem… I was pretty happy with that rate as well.