Insurance purchace

I just bought insurance for the Gem. Went with GEICO and paid $75 yearly. I went with full coverage. What do you guys have and what do you pay for it?

Did you call them to do it? I looked on their site and wasn’t able to find a way to insure a LSV on the site.

$64 for full coverage. Tavares Florida

I was quoted 189$/yr last month. I need to keep shopping apparently.

Around $100 seems about right. I to went with Gico, they sold my policy to a company called Formost.

What is the replacement value that they will give your for your gem? I think my policy says my car is work 5k

You better doublecheck the insurance they sold you, it sounds like golfcart insurance and its not legal for street use. Mine is $400 a year through safeco and its the same as an auto policy for a low speed vehicle.

From the Foremost website.

“Foremost Neighborhood Electric Vehicle insurance is only available in the United States, in Texas and Arizona.”


Mine is for LSV.The agent and I talked about it at length. $75 Yr is the rate from GEICO. (diymatt), I did call them and was put in touch with a company called “Formost”. The Insurance cards are from GEICO…go figure!

where do you live ? makes a diference

Arizona. Gems are road legal here

I pay $465 a year for my 2009 eS with State Farm (and have for nine years).
I’d love to find a cheaper policy.

Geico will not cover a Gem. I tried, they said no. I don’t know how you managed to get them to cover it but I’d sure like to know.

Right, I pay that for 6 months alone through State Farm. I can’t seem to find anything cheaper here in Oregon.

$189 per year? I wish I could get it that cheap here in Oregon.