GEM Forum has been split off to own category


The GEM Forum is among the most popular forums in this community. For this reason, the forum has been split away from the “NEV & LSV” category where it was initially place, and it has been made its own category. We’ve done this for ease of access and visibility. We will continue to look for ways to bring the most relevant and popular content out into the open.

Those of you still learning your way around the new forum, consider bookmarking this category.

This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

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Good move!

Now lets get back to the look and feel of the old format. Also bring all members (with passwords) from old forum.

What say you



@Old_Houseboater all members have been brought over with their usernames.

For privacy concerns, they will have to reset their passwords as both systems encrypt passwords.

I am still trying to get my head around how brilliant minds can pull apart an electric car and put it back together again yet seem taken back by a password reset.

The Demographics of the group are different than your used to dealing with. A significant number became members because they had a problem with their GEM and after the problem they stayed on and contributed from time to time. Many are older than the group of people you are used to targeting. Most are more mechanical types and aren’t heavy users of social media. Suggest you emphasize that their user name remains and a pass word reset puts them back in the game. Many won’t come back because the format is different and not as intuitive as the original.



Understood and Thank you for the comments. I always enjoy getting your feedback.

By now, the message is crystal clear. We knew, we would lose some when we made the change and felt the long term trade off, of getting the community on a newer platform was necessary and worth the change over time.

The software we build the community on needs to be robust, supported, and able to integrate with newer technologies. vBulletin is no longer viable. It is what it is.

We will continue to exhaust ourselves in supporting the discussion here and we will let the pieces fall in place where they may.

Thank you again for your leadership.

Hi Rodney,

What type of assistance can we give some of the members who may possibly be struggling with the conversion to the new platform? Historically these members offer the type of detailed knowledge which can take many years to build. We need to ensure they transfer their activity from the old platform to the new platform.

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Contact each of them privately by Email and ask them to bear with us until we get it perfected. Ask them for their comments . Also ask them what they would do to make the new format palatable. Give an understandable reason for the change to this format.



@Old_Houseboater @Cleanenergy - Consider it done. We will get this done.

Hide the stickies in the Gem forum. Maybe put them in a single heading.
Then first look (page) will be new activity.

@Inwo - sticky banner removed. Also, I have set the categories page as the home page so that the GEM category is readily seen.

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

What I mean is, the pins.
When I click gem forum, I need to see new posts on first page.
Now first page is pinned posts.

This thread should be the first or second thing seen.

Let me make sure I understand, you are requestion that I remove the pinned post:

The “GEM service manual and electrical diagram” post, as an example…correct.?

Yes and no.
I like the information.
Can the best combined somehow under one Heading? Pin?
Then a click on gem forum will show new posts on first page.

Have a look now…I unpinned the pinned categories


Yes, that’s the right look.
Don’t want the info to be hard to find.
How about a single pin that opens to all the previous pins.

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By the way.
This is not for me. I’m fine with it.
Looking for ways to bring back lost sheep.

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I can certainly pin one topic to the top and then include LINKS inside that post to “popular” posts…this way if anyone goes into the pinned post, they would have a centralized place with all the popular post…I will get that done when I get behind a computer in a few hours. Look for an update in the AM.

@Inwo — Have a look, I added three popular posts inside of the Pinned topic at the top of the GEM forum. I can add more topics that we know are popular. I may need a short list of topics that you and @Old_Houseboater and @Cleanenergy might want me to included in that summary post at the top.

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I think it just takes a bit of time to get used to a different interface. After going through the “did I forget my password” part and making a request for reset it has settled down and now seems fine.


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