Combine Fourms

Can we please Combine the Forums. Recreational Vs Commercial,

What dose it matter how you use your GEM. A problem is a problem weather your using it for work or fun, Lets not make this any more complicated?

I have posted a few times and I guess I posted it in the wrong Fourm
"Commercial" and had a hard time finding the thread???

Just seems foolish to have 2 Forums when our community is so small and traffic is not super fast.

I think that it was that way at one time. It wasn’t broke, but we fixed it?

There used to be a slot for every model. I think there were 6 or 7 so we made some progress. Your recommendation will be considered during the next round of site updates.

Thank You


Thank you Grandpa!

I,too,would be in favor of one site rather than two.

We will be doing another round of forum updates soon and this is something we will consider.



I also vote for the combine it would be easier and we do not have enough traffic that is impacts server performance.

actually we have 3 places , the gem forum , the recreational forum and the commercial forum.

Do you have any forum restructuring ideas? All suggestions will be considered for the next update.



I just noticed there were more forums. Yeah this seems really redundant, to the point I’m not really sure where to post. The one below the main NEV forums seems like a general NEV thread but not limited to GEMs. But I’ve seen a lot of specific posts there. Then in the GEM thread there’s three more. Main (which is where I’ve posted) plus recreational and commercial. I’d say delete and move the rec/comm to the main and put a reminder out in the general NEV it’s for unspecific NEV questions/comments.

Thanks Tommy

I agree with this solution

I see the changes have been made. Next challenge is to move all GEM related posts into the GEM category as there are a lot in the general section. Good luck with that one lol

That is the next challenge! If anyone else has any more suggestions then please feel free to add them to this thread.

Just noticed the changes, much improved! Yes, There’s quite a few posts out in the general area that are specific. Just my opinion I was thinking it was a general area for NEV’s.

Examples of general threads would be ones like:

Are neighbourhood electric vehicles a stepping stone towards traditional electric car,
China’s Amazing Low-Speed Electric Car Market,
What is this NEV?
Driving your NEV - how do people react?

Maybe some parts would overlap categories though like batteries and chargers so I could see those staying general.

Looking good!

Hi Tommy

Glad you like the changes :slight_smile:

I have moved the majority of GEM posts in the general section into the GEM Forum and will work my way through the rest. I will also move other posts more relevant to the other sub-forums such as a Ford Think post I moved to the Ford forum.

Hopefully this should increase activity even more in the GEM section and right across the forum.

Any more ideas or comments please feel free to let me know.