Lame Forum

Too bad there isn’t anyone on here that can answer simple questions. What a waste of internet space.

See ya later, Bye.

Doubt it…

And your reply was the worst. Telling me to check the forum “it has been covered before” I checked and nothing about my symptoms were were there. As moderator, If you don’t know something just say so.

If you have gone thru all 4 GEM sections and can’t find any direction here is a link to the service manual.

GEM Service Manual

This forum, especially the GEM section is viewed by a lot of expertice. Since no one has responded it might indicate you need to take it to your dealer for service.

Have a good day.

JAT but insulting everyone that DOES read and post on this forum probably isn’t a good strategy for obtaining assistance.

For the record, I’ve been given a lot of good advice/suggestions by our fellow GEM owners on this forum when I’ve asked reasonable and well framed questions and hopefully have given at least some reasonable assistance where I can.


Why not try and start over. (Fact) This Fourm is Slow does that mean it’s lame? Well who knows. Let’s try and start over. If you ask you question again I will try and help you. I know it’s frustrating trying to get help and no one is there to help Ya. I have been there. And its frustrating so Mabey this member is just frustrated and he lashed out. No need to kick him while he is down. “Not like any one did” but just saying we have all been frustrated at times and what makes it worse is when no one is there to help Ya.

So with that said Whats going on?

I have located the original thread which was posted under “Conversions, Kit Cars, and DIY.” It is likely that few readers of the NEV forum also read threads in the conversions forum. I myself do not and never saw the thread. I have moved the thread to the GEM section of the NEV forum. We cannot monitor the entire forum for threads started in the incorrect section. I have, in the past, moved threads out of the NEV forum and redirected these to the correct location. It is hoped that moderators of the other forums will also redirect threads that do not belong in their forum.


This forum is operated entirely by volunteers in our spare time. Many of us are on vacation or out of town this time of year. I Myself have not be on here as much the past few weeks. However, the vast majority of my more than 650 posts have been answering questions rather than asking them. One thread that I started now has almost 30,000 views. Another has over 11,000. In 2011, every post I answered was answered from Iraq, where I was deployed. My telephone number appears somewhere on this forum and I receive about a call each week from someone asking for help with their GEM. Many of us who own 2004 and older GEMs are not familiar with the more complex 2005 and newer version. Also, troubleshooting is different between the years and misinformation will result whenever there is not clarity as to the year GEM being worked on. Despite having worked on GEMs for ten years, almost all of these are older ones. After closely reading the thread I moved, the issue does not appear to be one I have seen on this forum before. Electrical troubleshooting on the newer GEMs can be quite frustrating. If no one has provided an answer, you should assume that no one here has an answer. I will carefully analyze your issue and attempt to provide useful suggestions.



I’m certain I speak for the vast majority in thanking you and all the others who read and post on this forum and rely on the community for help with their GEMs. A very valuable service. Thank you!