A request

we have a lot of direct ‘fixit’ information on this site that could be added to a fixed area… maybe as an additonal forum in the ‘new’ GEM Car Forum… Daniel (GEMmechanic) has put a lot of time into adding good information like the after market parts list… error codes… Free GEM parts manuals online to name a few I know there are others… we all have seen the posts but finding them can be a task at times and they are probably never used by the new members… it’s my Wednesday question/idea


The forum staff are always looking for ways to make the forum easier to navigate. I am not sure how difficult it would be to gather all the information together. It may be possible to make an area with key information. Idea noted.

The search function is your best friend for finding specific information.

A few more “stickys” would be helpful. Such as combining all of the wiring diagrams and manuals into one post. Since individual users cannot create a sticky, there is no incentive to organize our data. Currently, there is only one sticky.