Editing Posts

For some reason, I am no longer able to edit my posts. Any ideas?

There were some changes made to the forum in regards to editing old post.
Are you referring to an old or new post?
I’ll try to give ya a shout on the horn…

What kind of changes? Both old and new posts are edited as information changes and becomes outdated. Is this some kind of temporary software issue? The text at the bottom of my screen says: “you may edit your posts.”


Old post will become un-editable after a predetermined set time frame.
Are you having issues with a recent post?

Today, I tried to add more of the factory hard door parts to my list and could not. These part numbers do not appear in the factory manual. So, now old posts become “locked” and cannot be edited? Threads such as listings of charger and controller error codes change over time. I often get requests from others to add new information to my lists. Many of these error codes do not even appear in printed manuals. That thread now has over 9,000 views with about one hundred edits. The list of alternative and superseded parts has the potential to save users thousands of dollars and down time by not having to buy parts from the slow and expensive dealer. When I or another user discovers something, it needs to be added to the list. As new models of the GEM come on the market, I need to add the new information so everything stays up to date. This thread now has over 3,000 views. My combined posts on chargers have over 4,000 views. Editing also allows me to remove information that I later find to be incorrect, unsafe, or obsolete. I do not use this forum to make money, only to share information gained through ten years of experience with these vehicles. I even checked the forum weekly and answered questions during my yearlong deployment to Iraq. Is there any way editing can be turned back on? That would make the several hours I spend here each week a lot easier.


I understand your request. I will see if we can work something out that works for the good of the forum. Hang in there and I will PM you with updates to this issue. :slight_smile:

Yes… I wasnt able to edit a recent post.

The forum staff is working on a resolution to this. Please stand by. :slight_smile:

OK guys, you should be all set now. :wink:

Thx. This is great. My spelling isn’t the greatest and it’s good to be able to re word smith my comments later and update if necessary!!!

Glad that is fixed.