Why does my post say moved

i was wondering all my posts say moved i think i am ib the right section i have a gen car electric problem

All GEM, all 18 posts. Not sure. I should check if any of my posts have been moved.


I am not familiar with your specific post but my guess is that they fit into one of the newer expanded categories. If they were GEM related post they probably were moved to the GEM specific sub topic in the NEV section.
PM me if you have any if this is not the case or you need further explanation. :slight_smile:

I guess I understand the new format but it is confusing… I like the old thread version better… although if ther was an older posting that you wanted to go back to… it did take some searching… the posts put in the e2 section can relate to all GEMs or maybe not… the things I’ve added to my eS might be for more than eS owners… but I put it in the eS section because I’m an eS owner or I put it there because it was extra Stuff… I’m old


thanks i thought i was doing something wrong

Anytime someone violates a rule they will be notified. That doesn’t appear to be the case here.

The Editor has been adding more specific categories so that topics are easier to search, etc. So it is the same as before but with more specific topics. No post have been removed, but they may possibly have been moved.

As the forum grows you may see changes like this from time to time. It is all done in the continued effort to make the forum a better place. :slight_smile: