Guide: Moving Posts

Reasons why you would want to move posts include:

  1. The member simply posted in the wrong thread and there is a more relevant thread.
  2. The post deserves to be the start of a thread itself.
  3. Move the post into the private mod lounge as you are concerned about the content and wish to discuss with other mods before making it public again.

As the forum grows - moving posts becomes more and more important to manage and present the most relevant and topical discussions. This guide will tell you;
[li]How to move posts into EXISTING threads
[/li][li]How to move posts into a NEW thread.[/ul]ACTIONS REQUIRED to move posts.
Firstly go into the thread you want to copy TO - the “recipient” thread. Copy the URL in your address bar. The URL is the website address higlighted in the graphic below.

[li]Then go to the thread you want to copy FROM - the “donating” thread. Pick all the posts you want to MOVE. You pick posts by ticking the box in the top right hand corner of the post(highlighted below). You can go through multiple pages ticking away on multiple posts. When picked the post turns yellow (highlighted below).

[li]Then from your moderation drop down menu towards the bottom right of the page (highlighted below) select “Move Posts” and click on the Go button next to it.

[li]You then have two choices. The first choice allows you to move the post(s) into a NEW thread. You just need to make sure the New thread title is OK (shown below)

[li]The second choice is made by selecting the radio button (round button shown below) and it allows you to move the post(s) into an EXISTING thread. This is where you paste the URL that you copied first in point 1 for the recipient thread(shown below).

[*]When ready - click on the “Move Posts” button. (warning - just make sure you have selected the correct radio button before you do this - the first arrow in the image above shows the radio button that needs to be selected).[/ol]That’s it. It is quite straight forward when you have done it a couple of times. I would suggest you try it out with one or two posts. Don’t worry if you mess it up as I can always put it back.