Guide: Deleting Posts

Note: Please note that this only refers to deleting a post or many posts from within the same thread and does not refer to deleting a thread which is covered elsewhere.

Why would you want to Delete Posts:[ul]
[/li][li]Advertising or indirect promotion
[/li][li]Just irrelevant rubbish that adds no value (e.g. some members like to make two word posts to increase their post count)[/ul]When you delete a post please fill in the reason for the deletion e.g. Spam, Advertising etc.
ACTIONS REQUIRED to delete post(s)[ul]
[li]Click through into the relevant thread where you want to delete the post or posts.[/ul][ul]
[/li][li]Pick the post(s) that you want to delete. You pick posts by ticking the box in the top right hand corner of the post(highlighted below). You can go through multiple pages ticking away on multiple posts. When picked the post turns yellow (highlighted below).[/ul][ul]
[/li][li]Then from your moderation drop down menu towards the bottom right of the page (highlighted below) select “Delete Posts” and click on the Go button next to it. Shown below.[/ul][ul]
[/li][*]Type in the reason for the deletion. Then click on the Delete Posts button.[/ul]