GEM cuts outs/ hesitates

Total Newbie with 2000 E825 4 Seat GEM car… Glad I found this site because I quickly found that my knowledge of golf carts doesn’t really come into play with GEM cars. The GEM was in storage for about 3 years and the batteries were completely dead. Batteries were replaced with new Trojans and it woke up and drove great. However, occasionally when driving (especially in turf mode) the GEM loses power. When it does releasing pressure off the accelerator and reapplying pressure will wake the car up and it continues as if nothing happened. This usually happens when first starting the GEM. ANY ideas on what could cause this hesitation and possible fix??? As I said I’ve been golf cart guy for years but have absolutely no real knowledge of GEM cars other than they’re very cool.

Check all battery cable connections. Also check the switch on the parking brake.

Thanks GEMmechanic, When it first started having these problems I checked cables and made sure all connections were tight. Didn’t know it had a parking brake switch. Is it located on the parking brake handle itself? When I saw your reply I remembered that the previous owner said that the parking brake had been set when he parked it 2-3 years ago and that the drivers side wheel would not turn before we picked it up. The rear drum was tapped a few times until the brake released.

welcome taxi… assume all the batteries are full of water and the voltages are the same… you might call Lee at… 888-677-4961 give him the VIN number and see if you’re missing any recalls on the car… think you can also download a manual off the site if you don’t have one…


Thanks Bob, I’ll do that today when I get to the lake and put eyes on the GEM.