Gem Charger Conversion Model 922-7200-04B to Model 922-7254

I have recently completed the installation of the Model 922-7254 into my 2014 E6 project car. I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but it was confusing (to me) on how to wire the Deutsch plug that I thought I would clear up. I like this charger since it has a built in 30 amp 72v DC to 12 v DC converter. No need for external charger.
I do reccomend matching the Charger’s 3 outputs with the appropriate Andersen, Deutcsh plugs. The first photograph is the correct hook up for the 72v and the 12 v outputs to the dash.

The confusion for me was determining whether you were referring to the male or female plug of the Deutsch. The 1 on the female plug is the 4 on the male plug. And the 5 on the female side of the plug is really the 8 on the male side of the plug. It seems ridiculous to change the nomenclature but it is what it is. Anyway you really only need to use 2 wires on the Deutsch plug.