GEM Charger circuit breaker continually trips

I have a 2002 GEM e4 which has worked perfectly until now. When I plug in the charger the circuit breaker continue trips. No idea why. Any thoughts what I can do or what is happening?



I had this with one of my electric cars. I replaced the charging cable and everything was fine again.

Basically, the reason I had the problem is because the resistance in the cable built up over time. A new cable and new plugs and sockets at each end and the problem went away.

No guarantees it will work for you, but its worth a try.

I would suggest a new charge cord on the vehicle or the receptacle on the vehicle. Like SolarCar said. More likely the issue, but worst case, be prepared, it could be an internal failure of the chargers input circuit causing the circuit breaker to pop. Replacement parts go to NEV Service