2017 E4. Charger trips breaker

Charger tripped breaker when plugged in. Tried different cords and circuits and it would charge at times for a few minutes before tripping. Sometimes instant. Took hood off to check charger nothing obvious so I tried it again with hood off and a circuit in the house not the garage. It does not trip or hasn’t in a couple hours. Any thoughts?

Maybe a gfi outlet. Mine often tripped until i use a purpose wired outlet. I also removed the gfi from the polaris cords.

It charged up but seeing this error code. I think it says PER FAULT.

also kind of weird that when it got up to full charge it shut down.

Veh fault?
Try pressing the button and see if it will scroll through a menu and display the fault or what it might be pissed off about.

There are two problems? Tripping breaker is ok now?