Gem cart drops speed from 25 to 22 mph

My gem cart is driving slower and when I press the pedal it has a slower kind of start …I have a 2014 gem 6 seat maybe some one can tell me what could be the issue here thx

First step is to check your batteries

And how do u do that ?

Hook up a voltmeter to one battery at a time and then drive it. Write down the voltage reading when you are accelerating. Do this for all the batteries. Let us know the voltages

I don’t have that kind of equipment to do that how do I do that anyways…?

I truly don’t think it’s a battery problem what other possible issues could this be?

Check the voltage going into the motor controller while driving and that will eliminate batteries or a poor connection prior to the controller.

26 volt on 70 percent charge

That voltage is way to low. You should have well over 70 volts with a 70% charge.

Turf mode? …

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Am checking this with my 12 volt charger is that y or maybe am doing it worng

You need a voltmeter that can measure 72vdc.
Black probe to a wire marked B-. At the battery or controller.
Red lead to controller terminal marked B+.
It will not work measuring to ground.
Should be able to buy a cheap digital meter for <$20.

Harbor fright usually has a coupon for a free multimeter. It’s pretty low quality but it’s free to ~$5

I’ve got a pile of the free meters from Hazard Fraught. The meters are just ok, the probes are complete junk. The wires tear out of the plugs and the probes very easily. I’m pretty certain I had one that the wires came out of the plugs without ever being used.

There is a small amp clamp meter that they sell, it’s like 8 bucks. Use the 20% off on that. I bought one of those for the common tool pile at work about two years ago (I don’t own expensive meters & tools to lend them out)- amazingly it’s still working and nothing is falling off. Only sucky part is that it doesn’t have an auto-off and it uses three 2032 or 2040 batteries.

The volt is 76 I think that’s good

Is it 76 volts while you are accelerating?

is the switch next to the Forward/Reverse set to Turf mode?

No it’s just when the car is on

Do you understand his question?

So I just checked the cart while driving full speed it drops from 77 V to 72