Gem car 7.0 dash issues

Hello all,I am working on a gem car. Put new gel batteries in it today,and pack voltage shows 76.2. The battery indicator on the dash show the car is completely dead. How do I fix this issue?

drive it for a while and then recharge it.

What LG said ^^^ but,
Charge it up first.
Then drive it.
Go through several charge/discharge cycles.
Go back in and check all your connections, check your balance on your new batteries, make sure they are all within 0.1v from each other.

Then report back with your results.

Ok I will get on that, thank you

Are you charging with the onboard charger? If you are using an auxiliary charger, the brain of the car will not know the batteries were charged and will not show on the display.
If you know the batteries are charged, set it manually. You can reset the meter by using the following steps:

  • Turn the key on.
  • Push and release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch until it’s showing the
  • While holding the switch down, turn the RIGHT signal on, then the LEFT
    signal, then return the blinker to the center.
  • Release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch. You should be seeing data (P0105) on
    the display now. This number may be different depending on your display firmware loaded.
  • Turn the RIGHT signal on, then off repeatedly until the display reads:
    SOC (State Of Charge).
  • Push and release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch. Now it’s remaining capacity in percent.
  • You can now raise (or lower, for that matter) the SOC with the blinker
  • When you’re happy, Push and release the TRIP/ODOMETER switch. The display reads: DONE.
  • Turn the key off.

*Ignore all of the other settings in the secret menu

@gkupsch - Thanks for jumping in with the reset instructions, but since his batteries were just replaced and reading 76.2v it is good to get a few charge cycles on them first before going in and messing with a reset attempt.

There is a chance that the SOC meter will reset itself without outside assistance.

I charged it and the dash looks ok now. One other problem is it will only go 9mph in low and 15mph in high. I thought these cars ran faster than this.

I’m going to need a bit more info.
What car is this?
What motor is in this car? Did you just change it?
What is the history of this car? (is it new to you?)
Are there any error codes or misc lights visible on your screen?
When you say (specifically) 9 and 15 mph, How are you noting these numbers? (screen display or GPS speed)
Is your brake ON?
Do you have any wheels dragging? If you jack up one corner at a time does each wheel turn nice and easy?

I thought these cars ran faster than this.

Don’t be a putz. You have been hanging out long enough and should know they go faster than that.

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Speed is indicated on dash, I know no history of this car. It has original motor and controller in it. Nothing has been altered,and it runs fine,just slower than normal

It’s a 2 seater with doors. The side says 7.0

What is a 7.0? A gem car?
Do you have batteries under hood>
72v? ie. 6 x 12v batteries.
Picture of dash?

Okay, still tough to provide any solutions based on what you provided.

Do you realize I asked 7 questions (2 with modifiers attached) and you only partially/sufficiently answered 3? If you don’t know, take a picture and post it so we can have a look.

If you are not sure of the year of the car it can be found on the VIN sticker located on the overhead panel above the driver’s side at the back window.

What is the year?

How long have you had this car?

Where did this car come from?

  • Did you get it at auction?
  • Private party?
  • University?
  • just found it out in the driveway one morning?

Is it making any unusual popping or sputtering noises from the front of the car when accelerating?

Are there any additional lights appearing on your dash display?

  • temperature indicator
  • turtle

What is the year? 2008

How long have you had this car? 1 month

Where did this car come from? Private party

  • Did you get it at auction? No
  • Private party? Yes
  • University? No
  • just found it out in the driveway one morning? No

Is it making any unusual popping or sputtering noises from the front of the car when accelerating? No

Are there any additional lights appearing on your dash display? No

  • temperature indicator No
  • turtle No

Gem E2 electric is what it says on the back near the rear tire

That’s better! Now we are getting somewhere.
Your first post in this topic shows you just put in a set of Gel batteries. What came out of the car when you got it. Hopefully you checked what profile your charger is set to. (not the cause of speed issue).

Do you have a floor jack or a means to safely get the front wheels up off the ground?

SWAG #1- If this car has been sitting (unused) for a while, there is a chance your motor has a stuck brush. Sometimes running in place might free it up or at least clean off the comms. Otherwise a motor service is needed.

SWAG #2- Depending on the past life of the car, It may just be turned down. Military, campus shuttles, maintenance vehicles are all examples that would do this. Normally I wouldn’t see this also hobbling DL to half, but it is possible. Sending your controller to someone with a reader might be in order.

SWAG #3- A failing accelerator pedal might also be a possibility. It might not be commanding full throttle. Do you have a meter so we can walk you through some voltage checks? Try KeyOFF and rapid rabbit stomping on the pedal 8-10 times and trying the car again. (this is more for a jerky throttle but might work for not full throttle issue).

Gel came out and gel went back in. Cart performs normal,just the speed is slower than normal. I will ck the bruses also.

Well from that statement it would say it is an issue with the replacement “Gel” - If nothing else changed and it drove at normal speed before replacement then it kinda points to the Gel’s.

Car mever ran before new batteries went in. On a jack it will run up to about 20 then all of a sudden it will run up to 33 and the come back to about 26

speed sensor or bad battery cables/connections?

Just a guess, but I have money on the throttle pedal. Description sounds like possible resistor pads in the pedal have cracked.

You can test - starting in this thread around post 17 @AssyRequired did a nice job of describing the throttle test.

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