Gem car new batteries same result

Hello I have a 2007 gem car With an updated charger from ride 4 fun. Just installed new batteries worked fine for a few days no problems. Currently it will only go for about five minutes then start getting sluggish. There is some oil leakage around the motor could this possibly be my problem as my batteries are brand new and the charger is working fine? The motor has 12,500 miles on it. The battery gauge does not drop any bars whatsoever just starts losing speed and finally dies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am in the Bahamas and there are no golf cart mechanics that can work on it.

maybe you have oil inside motor ?
gem 2007 dont have a seal so oil can come in there
i know someone here on forum sell bearing with seal
will cart run fine again after cool down,or you need to charge first ?

Thanks for the help. I need to charge first. I can see oil around the motor where it connects to trans. The bars don’t even go down on the battery meter display. So probably best to put new motor and seals?

You may have a problem with the seal and maybe the bearing also, on the gear box.