2002 Gem Battery problems

We have a 2002 gem car. I recently had hip replacement and did not drive or re charge the cart for about 8 weeks or more. Now the batteries are very low on power. I have been trying what is called the alternate charge method without much success. I am using my home charger set at 10 amps, when I get 1 battery to 11 + volts as measured with my volt meter I switch to the next battery, the one I have just charged drops rapidly and I can not get the total output near the 68 volts the on board charger needs to come on. We have had the cart about 5 years, do not know the age of the present batteries. The stickers were not removed to show the date. We used to use the cart weekly but our golf course closed so we had been using it much less frequently. New batteries are $$$. First is I will gladly try any suggestions to bring these back, second if we need new I am asking for suggestions for the least expensive battery given the fact our use will be primarily to drive around our community on nice days. Thanks.

Your battery’s sound like they are JUNK.
If you have or Had high quality Battery’s like the Decca group 31 gells or the Trogan 30HSX you have a good chance at bringing them back to life by bringing them to a guy that knows how to Restore them (electronically) check Craig’s list for Battery Restoration!
It will cost you about. $50 per battery to restore them or $300 for the entire pack of 6. If you have El-Cheepo Battery’s sorry but they are a lost cause. Keep them for cores and go get your self a set of Good Battery’s. The extra money you pay you will make up
When you go to sell your cart. My 2c

Charge each battery for 4 hours. Then plug ion your onboard charger. If it doesnt pick up one or more of your batteries are probably defective

So I went to Cambodia for a week and just before I left my batteries took a charge to 40%. Returned Sunday and started another charge with on board charger, they are showing 100% now. Will need to run around and see how it/they do.