2002 Gem Erratic Charging and Inconsistent Power


I"ve had a 2002 gem cart for 6 years from a family member. From day one this cart has had “range” issues. The batteries are fine and the Zivan charger was recently sent in and checked out OK. Then cart has no power on hills. Takes awhile to build speed on straightaways. And the charging readout jumps all around. I just hopped in and it started out 100%. Then after a few minutes fell to 90%, then I tried to go up a hill and it fell to 44% Barely got home pushing it the last few yards. Then plugged it in for two minutes and it jumped to 95% . So this story has been going on for a long time. Please does anyone have anything I can try? Thank you,


You have 1 or more batteries with a bad cell. Do a “Brake Stall” test on each battery.