Gem Car discharges fast

the batteries are fully charged take it out say 2+ miles …drops one bar… take it out again without a recharge within an hour … goes about a mile then drops down instantly to red bar and goes into turtle mode… does not happen all the time but when it does it sucks…reciently installed a new stereo powered from the + side of the first battery behind the driver position and Neg off the third battery … this gave me a reading of 13.1 in a 50% charge … could I have a short from the radio ?? what do you think

hi cacurran… I think that your radio taking power from one battery and not the pack has disrupted the whole pack… think you need to go back and charge each battery completely making sure you have an even charge… all batteries should be around 13.2v with a total voltage of 79.2v… your car should run again… as for the radio you need to draw your power for it from the fuse block under the dash… you CAN’T draw any power off one battery in the pack… period

I’m a big fan of the Battsix system but it is expensive… this is their latest system that reads the complete pack and is being sold as a promotion on eBay… take a look

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