Gem car 72v 10amp fuse keeps blowing

Hey everyone,

2014 gem e6s

My car was running fine replaced the controller about three weeks ago. Then after a rain storm (which I suspect caused the issue) the car wasn’t running. The display was flashing with the turtle, temp, and the high low and reverse.

I thought it was the controller so I put another one in. But found that the 72 V 10amp fuse was blown. Put a new one in but the speed sensor and temp were not connected on the motor.

Plugging the temp sensor in I heard was sounded like a short . Car was charging at time. Didn’t think there would be a voltage. Sure enough the fuse was blown again.

What are your thoughts. Where does the orange wore from the sensor go? To the contactor coil?

To the controller. Leave it unplugged and jumper it.

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