2014 e2: New Motor Controller Installed: Turtle-Temp-Wrench Icons Flashing

Installed a new motor and Temp-Turtle-Wrench Icons are all flashing along with R-DL-DH icons simultaneously. Any ideas or hints would be appreciated.

Does the new motor have the same temp. sensor?

Only the controller was changed…

I have the same problem now with all the flashing icons? Did you ever figure out what the problem was and how to fix?

Yes - the Motor Controller failed and had to be replaced. Did so myself and car runs better than ever.

Did you buy new or rebuild? Where? Thanks again.

Paula Blakely
Please UPDATE my email address to pjblakely@gmail.com… Thx!

FSIP (Flight Systems Industrial Products). They build the controllers for GEM. Call for options from new, rebuilt or send yours for rebuild. 1015 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17013.

I replaced 2 batteries in my car and now I have all the lights flashing but it still runs good. Any ideas what would cause the lights to flash? I’ve had no responses on the forum… Thanks