2008 Gem e4 .Replaced batteries and Temp-Turtle-Wrench Icons are all flashing along with R-DL-DH icons simultaneously

Installed new batteries and Temp-Turtle-Wrench Icons are all flashing along with R-DL-DH icons simultaneously. Car still runs at full speed. Any ideas or help would be appreciated

try 2 things . Turn off master switch for 10 seconds . second plug in the charger . Also did you disconnect the temp sensor that was attached to on of the battery terminals ?

The one battery I replaced had extra wires going to it. I’m not sure if one of the wires was the temperature switch. I’ll turn off the master switch for 10 seconds and then plug in the charger. Do i turn the master switch back on after 10 minutes. I disconnected the temperature sensor wires at the motor with the switch off. Then hooked them back up and turned the switch back on. I replaced the motor a few months back with a rides 4 fun motor. I was given a bypass wire assembly or something for the motor temp. I can run around 30 mph and stop and feel the motor and it feels fine. Seems like something needs to be reset… Also the mode switch won’t work because of the lights flashing. Thanks for your help. Your response was the first in 2 months.

turn off master switch for at least 10 seconds and then turn on again . After that plug in charger and see if it charges all the way and starts working . One of the batteries had a temp sensor . small black thing with a round ring terminal on end . I has 2 orange wires going to it . They must be plugged into it .

I tried what you said turning off the master switch and turning it back on after 10 seconds. Plugged in the charger and got a full charge. Lights are still blinking… 2008 Gem e4

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