Smoking GEM

I finally received my shipping container and backed out my 2006 GEM eL. It needed some charging… done! I took it for a test ride up and down the road. By the time I came back (4 miles) there was smoke coming from under the hood. It appears to be the gray box on top.
The vehicle is stock with nothing added. No lights, fans or radios.
What did I do this time?

Hmmm if it still runs I would check for dragging brakes. You should be able to push the car with 2 fingers. Beyond that it will probably be expensive.


This is a “new” 2nd owner car. It is basically in good condition however, what I found is the cable that connects the motor to the controller A1, was slightly loose. I’m not an expert, however, I believe what happened was the gap allowed arching which in turn melted the protective boot and plastic area surrounding the terminal. Luckily I had just arrived back home when I noticed the smoke.

I cleaned things up, tightened up connections and it it looks like its going to be ok.

Quick update…
I disconnected my batteries. Topped them off individually with 3 amp charger. Reconnected things and Nothing! I believe my controller is shot. The melting of the plastic around the A1 connector is the size of a 50 cent piece and is exposed to the elements (rain). I am pretty sure I need a new controller. Is there anyone I can purchase one from or help troubleshooting it?

Flight Systems Industrial Products will repair it. They will deal direct with customers.Most repairs are 354 dollars. Yours will probably be more.