GEM 2016 E4 4 seater

I have a chance to buy a 2016 GEM E4 4 seater with new batteries for $9000. Anyone have major issues with this cart?

Only the seller would know that.

not too hip on prices on those newer carts, but i guess like any other vehicle, a lot depends on miles/hours, upgrades, condition of body, seats, etc., and crashes, etc. Maybe post some pics to help.

If it’s in good condition, that’s a great price. I have a 2016. First thing I did was rip out the controller, motor, gears, DC to dc converter, charger, and battery… It rips! I drive it everywhere and haven’t had any issues (thanks to the crew on the forum getting me setup).

I will say, I had zero interest in driving it when the top end was locked to 25mph. Maybe put 10 miles on it until I pulled everything out.

2016 I think was the year that had both styles… Are we talking the new body style?

9k? Seems almost too good to be true. Assuming there’s nothing major wrong with it, that’s a steal

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i agree after looking at it. I was on a factory investment tour and they drove us around in a 2021 and it was a vast improvement from my gem but again, don’t have the money or need to dump into a newer one. Yours looks like a great deal provided all else is good with it. It has some upgrades it appears, not sure about under the hood.

good price and good car

Tbone "40 MPH IS COOL "

That is a good price for one. The 2016 did not come with the transmission isolators, they can be a little noisy.

I am looking at a used non working 2016. Would you be able to tell me what I am looking at if I need a new motor?

@djgabriel2004 has a lead on some new Gems less electronics.

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Sure, could you hold it closer to the screen please? I’m on my phone.

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E6 by chance?

How empty on electronics? We talking @MikeKC wiring? Not sure I have the patience to tackle something like that.

E6 yeah dash, steering wheel and most likely VCM gone,

Motor speed controller is there

An e6 could have a long on-the-floor battery tunnel so you could make many trips to/from the boat. :wink:

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you don’t need all those extra parts anyway - they just get in the way and add weight :slight_smile:


Ask Gabe, but I think @GHTransport George’s backhaul will go by there next week.
Leave it here til snow flys.


um, these don’t just have the steering column/wheel and VCM removed, it looks like they installed a drive-by-wire setup, GPS, LiDAR and a few other VERY interesting bits of hardware. How much? PM if preferred.

Yeah All the proprietary hardware is gone,
Batteries and chargers gone.
No dash, no speedo no steering wheel