2016 GEM E2 for sale. $7900

2016 GEM E2 always well maintained and always stored indoors. Excellent condition inside and out. Clear title. 3500 miles. This car is located on Jekyll Island GA
Options include;
Full hard doors with roll up windows
14” polished aluminum wheels with street rated tires
Amber-colored roof-mounted light bar
Windshield defrost
LED lighting
Heating and fan system
Tilt steering
AGM batteries

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I have your Twinn here in Ca

Yes you do. A long distance apart. :grinning:

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Lowering the price to $6900

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Someone should buy both.
His and hers.
His goes 35mph and 80+ mile range.

The only mod on mine are the Hellcat emblems. Doesn’t add speed but makes it look faster :joy::joy:

Did you sell your Gem

Nope. Still have it.

I ordered a 2020 E2 with almost the same options to the tune of $15K and received it a couple weeks ago. Biggest change was the color. Wife wanted a black one to match the E4 we have. Just surprised there seems to be no interest in it. I’ll use it till someone buys it. Market seems to be for E6s right now. Someone will want this little jewel eventually.:grin:

Yes E2’s seem to move a bit slower on the market then the E4’s

Wow that a big hit you took on your Blue E2 just to get a black one?

He can you talk about any changes in your 2020 that you Notice. Your 2020 should have the Transmission Isolation kit in it.

Did you notice if your 2020 is more quiet then your 2016.

BTW you can’t get colors other then black and white from GEM Any more

Yep. Took a hit but I’ll be fine. 2020 E2 is quieter than my 2016 E2 ( just a little) but not much quieter than my 2016 E4.
Differences. 2020 comes standard with backup camera displayed on rear view mirror. Side mirrors are bigger and mounted on doors so you loose them when you remove doors. Increased door and window seals on 2020 but I had no issues with the 2016 seals. Everything else seems to be the same. Most importantly though is wife is happy she has the color she wants :grin:.

Did you sell this? I might actually be interested in it in a few months. I’m in Atlanta.

Still have it. I’m on a project just north of Atlanta for a few more weeks and can’t really show it right now anyway. Hopefully the delay might work out better for you.

SOLD today. It stays in GA