Gem 2000 settings

Not stock.
These were in my IMS car.

Don’t have my 5 posts in yet. Will get to look at this when I do. Thanks.

I am sure this will be very helpful! (Sorry, just trying to get my five. This should be five or six.

Just wanted to thank you again, and also testify about these settings. Upon further investigation before changing to these settings, I did learn that my settings were unchanged and stock. Mine is a 1999 which had always been garaged, but had been sitting for several years because the original owner which was a doctor, had one of his handymen try to install a ride 4 fun super charger and sure power 12 volt converter. They basically made a mess out of it and took it to a shop that some friends of mine own. They had cut wires, etc., it was bad. The fellow didn’t want to sink more money in it for all that labor to straighten it out, so I wound up buying it. After installing new batteries and downloading the needed info from the old web, re-wiring everything as it should be, I had it running in no time. We have been enjoying it for a couple of years now. After retiring and having more time to do such things, I wanted to “play” with it. My wife asks, “why do we want to make the GEM go faster?” Why do women ask men such things? I of course said “because I can!” Anyway, these settings installed with my new Handset I bought and she goes 32mph over the stock 25mph that it was running. So, success for now. That is as fast as you want to go with the stock brakes anyway. I am gonna go crazy on it later, but for now this is great. Thanks again!

Could you list the changes you made?

The ones at the top of this post that I asked you for. Entered those exactly.