2016 speed adjustment

Has anyone figured out how to increase the speed on the new Gems there must be some kind of spoof

IMS has a 40mph video reading 20mph.
Are all the new style Gems ac/48v cars?
So far a speed spoof has not worked. Only tried two things so far. See if IMS will let it slip!
They do gear changes, but not double speed, Iā€™m sure.

Thanks for the response Guess I wont be buying one till someone figures it out and lets the rest of us in on it

thanks for responding I guess I wont be buying one until someone figures it out and shares

why they dont change display to km/h it must be better and show higher speed ?

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Spoke to a service manager at a Gem dealership he told me that he has done 2 gear changes on the new Gems Increase speed to 42 miles /hour $1300 speedometer reads 25mph eaven he can not get into the electronics without permission and monitoring from Polaris

42-25 almost perfect