Dave's a genius

well we all know that already . :smiley:

but anyway after modifying my gem for higher top speed the one thing I didn’t like was having to run the speedo at half speed to let the car go over 25mph . it wasn’t a big deal I just always wished I could get it to show actual speed . ride 4 fun well send your controller out to be reflashed so it well show actual speed over 25mph but I didn’t think it was worth $300 .

Well Dave mentioned using kmh . made me start thinking about trying the kmh setting and see if it could work . well it did . At 36mph it shows 39kmh so I need to adjust rolling radius a little to compensate . but now I get to see real speed numbers and I didn’t have to spend $300.

thanks again Dave.

Thank you for the kind words.:o

And now for a plug. Grant reports that the adjustable MMs can be set to read correct mph in the kph setting.

Another customer used a MM to correct speedometer after a gear change.