T4 programming needed

Would like to get my T4 controller programed to do 35 and speedometer register correctly. I will bring to you I live in nc. Need location and price Thanks

Do you think it would hit 35 if it didn’t hold back at the speed limit?

I have the 7hp do you not think 35 would be possible

I think it is. I was wondering if it needed anything other than speed limit removed.
I make a device that fools the speedometer, letting car go to 40 mph when speedometer is changed to kph.

It does nothing to programming. Only removes limit.
It can be removed and all is back to stock.
If you want to try one, it plugs in.
Only risk shipping both ways if it doesn’t allow the speed you need.
I’m hoping for other opinions, as I might be biased. :slight_smile:

When you change to kph does that show speed we have some 20 mph zones here don’t want blue light bandits

Yes, the mm raises the speed limit by fooling speedometer.
Changing to kph corrects the speedometer.
It reads correctly 0-40.
Mm can also be adjusted up or down to correct for errors.

Whats the cost for these ?

There are two versions.
The original model is not programable. Speedometer reads 1/2 speed. $59

The other model that can be set for correct speedometer reading is $100.

We had to swap transmissions and its a lower gear ratio . W ill that come into play or cause issues?

Is your actual speed limited to less than 25mph now?
25 on speedo but moving slower?

Yes 25 mph Shows accurate mph gps checked.Would like 35 and show same on digital display