2019 gem e6 more speed

Looking to get more speed out of my gem e6. Would a Polaris dealership be able to raise the top speed with Polaris wrench if I could talk them into it? Would just like to get 35mph out of it. Not looking for any performance gains at this time unless I could keep all the dash functions working.

The dealership cannot/will not change the speed of your GEM.
You have a couple possible options tho.
@Inwo is working on a controller swap that might work for you
@Old_Houseboater has a gear swap that will get you 35mph

I will let them respond with the options if they can offer them.

12.3 upgrade $600 one day turn around. Have done 15 in the last 2 years.


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I can speed up a new style gem swapping electronics only. Keeping the same hill performance of 17:1 gears.
35mph limit and loss of speedometer function. Not available to the general public until it can be independently tested. First kits are custom built. ~$2,000
Available to long time forum members for evaluation. 48v oem Gems only at this time.

With prospects looking grimm for an easy solution, Jb posted his car up for sale 2 days ago.

Maybe he is dropping back to a 2015?

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Yes this one is to new and pretty for me to start messing with. I’ll keep my eye out for a pre 2016.

Although expensive, the controller upgrade is completely reversible by just plugging in original controller.

@LithiumGods may trade a high performance, long range as new classic Gem straight up.
Ask him.