Gel Battery Life Expectancy

I have an 2005 GEM, New Gel batteries installed at purchase in 2006, Live in MI so it is stored in the winters and charged monthly. The batteries have 400 miles on them and are 4 years old. When I went to take it out the first time this spring the car had no power and we took it in yesterday. The dealership said three of the batteries were no good and should replace all at a cost of $3000.
GOOD Heavens How long do the batteries last? Is this a normal life span?

Batteries are explained to have a certain Life expectancy based on charge/discharge. One life cycle = charge from 100% discharge to 20% and then recharged back to 100%. Most battery manufacturers rate batteries at 550-600 life cycles. You don’t have much for mileage at all so the batteries weren’t getting used enough. Deep cycle batteries like to be used heavily for best use. The longer they sit around the more they sulfate. This is BAD! So 4 years later and they don’t hold under load test. $3000 is WAY too HIGH! You can buy batteries direct from GEM cheaper just go to their parts web site NEV Service Then call GEM Customer Service for Tech Support to help with the installation or a diagram of the batteries to they get installed correct again. I would just draw out the battery configuration. OR you can buy a Service Manual from GEM too! Helps me alot!! I would recommend that!

Yes that is what I found out from a different and much more informative dealer in Ohio. This dealer was about 1/2 the cost of the original dealer who was from MI and trying to :mad: me! With install, purchase and week worth of testing and check over being $1600. I LOVE my little Yellow GEM, I am going to store it to see where I am at next year. I can not really use the car in the area I am living now. Next place I move will be GEM friendly and so Battery purchase then would be better, then letting them sit again.
Thank you for your response