GE Sentry Software, how to max speed?

Hey I just got GE Sentry software in so i can program my 2010 GEM E6. I would like to modify it so it will go as fast as possible. Currently it only goes 25mph and shuts off. Does anyone know the exact fields to change and what numbers I can put in to achieve greatest top end speed?

I had time for 1 test before it got dark outside.

I set the top speed regulation to 255 (the highest) it was set to 244 from factory.
I tried setting the rolling radius to 255 (25 inches highest) it was set to 111 (11 inches) factory.

It seemed to only go about 20mph and then regulated me from going faster. MPH was a little crazy saying im going 45 mph when im only going 15mph. So i am assuming i set the rolling radius too high?

Any feedback would be appreciated! thanks.

lower the rolling radius to about 85 , your speedo wont be accurate but your speed will increase . also drop your field weakening setting to 60.

Thank you kinghappy! I will give this a try in the morning and let you know how it goes.

Reading the document about the field weakening setting it has a big warning message. Should i leave this setting alone? what kind of gains will i achieve with setting it to 60? is it harmful to motor?

This function allows for setting the armature current at
which minimum field current will be achieved.
0 to 255
0 to 255
1.0 per set unit
Setting of 26 = 26 amps.
Important Note: The function is used to optimize motor and
control performance and this setting will be determined by
GE and OEM engineers at the time of vehicle
lopment. This setting must not be changed by field
personnel without the permission of the OEM.

Field weakening can overheat motor. Be careful.

Ok I will see what kind of speeds i get with and without modifying field weakening

Not saying don’t do it. Kinghappy knows what he’s talking about.
Watch for motor getting hot.

It wont accept rolling radius at 85 , keeps throwing error code 14 for non accepted rolling radius. It worked with 105 but OEM was set to 111 so thats not really much of a difference. Didnt work with 90 or 95 either.

Any idea? do i have to modify gear ratio or anything for it to accept a lower rolling radius?

So far I am getting around 27-29mph with a few tweeks and 31 mph down a slight hill

I changed the following and gem doesn’t seem to feel governed anymore, just wont go any faster.

Top speed regulation to 255 (from 245)
Max Armature current limit to 255 (from 245) not sure this did anything
Rolling radius to 100 (from 111) lowest it will go without error.

I am not sure if i should mess with ‘min field current’ or ‘field weaking’ they both talk about top speed but have warnings. I tried field weaking to 70 (from 85) and gem went much slower so that didnt help.

Randy has a Gem E6 like me and was able to get it to 33-34mph on flat ground with just reprogramming so I am trying to accomplish the same.

try a number with 3 digits

Field weakening enables a higher top speed but reduces torque. Reduce the number until you get the top speed you require I find that going below 60 doesn’t increase speed. , If you reduce the number and the car wont go faster you have reached the limits of the power you have available. You have reached the point that you are creating heat with no increase in performance. Back off a bit.


Try a number with 3 digits for what field? My field weakening is set to 85 from the factory. I tried lowering it to 70 and it was a reduced top speed. I think lowering the rolling radius to 85 like kinghappy suggested would do it, but it wont let me go lower then 100…

Will the field(s) that reject a 2 digit number ie: 85 accept a 3 digit number like 085 ? ““same”” number to us, but to computers… Free advice, refunds cheerfully givin. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: