2006 gem e6 issues

Hey guys! I recently purchased a 2006 e6 with the ge 5hp motor. I purchased the sentry Sw to get some more speed out of my car and everything was going great till the last outing. About 8 miles into a ride, the car would not go above 18/19 mph. It felt like the governor would kick in as soon as the speedo hit 19. No fault codes flashing and none logged in sentry. Before it would chirp the tires on takeoff and go around 31mph on flat. I changed all setting back to stock and same thing. Dh/Dl switch seems to be working. You can tell the difference in acceleration between the two. I pulled the motor apart and blew all the carbon dust out and checked the brushes. Everything seems fine and the motor ohms out like it should. Put it all back together and same thing. Pulls hard up to 19 then falls flat. Any ideas?

Also, before I was having issues, my speedometer would read up to 32 on a downhill which showed 34 on gps. Is it supposed to read past 26mph?

What is “falls flat”?
Plugs or just reaches top speed and runs out of power?
What does it do downhill now?
Turtle mode?

It feels like it doesn’t let it go past 18mph. As soon as it hits 19 motor cuts out. Then the motor turns back on once the speedo drops to 18. If you keep the pedal down the motor will continuously turn off/on as the speed goes between 18/19 mph. It does the same thing downhill. Is there a light on the dash for turtle mode? There are no trouble indicator lights on.

Seems like plugging. Is it the same limit it had previous at 25mph?
Could it be the original settings you loaded got changed somewhere?
Is 21 at max 255?

Yes #21 is set to 255. I tried a couple different profiles that I had saved and used before with no issues. The acceleration would change with the different profiles but none would let it go past 18/19. I will have to check when I get home but I think I have #5 for plugging set to 10. It’s just weird that it changed mid ride. Key was never turned off. It doesn’t really feel like it slows itself down at 19mph. Just feels like it turns off motor and coast till it’s back at 18mph. Which only takes maybe a second

Turn off your Turf mode.

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Don’t think I am stuck in turf mode. It goes even slower when I change to DL with the switch. About 15mph. Could a bad motor speed magnet limit top speed?

Possible, but it would show on speedometer. The speed information to controller is same as to speedometer.
Now if speedometer was reading 26mph when car slowed, that would be normal.
Have you reset controller by turning main switch off-wait-on and going through a normal charge cycle?

So is it normal that my speedometer would read up to 32 mph pretty accurately before I was having issues? Or does that mean that the previous owner changed something else?

A sensor failing at high speed would slow car, but it would error, and show on speedometer.

Yes, if set to 255, might sneak up to over 30. I don’t remember stock setting. I can look at one of my files.

2010 EL stock screen shot.


Available monitor information.
I don’t know why more service people don’t use this.

Thank you for that and all of your help so far. I will check those settings against what I have in mine when I get home. Hopefully I can get this sorted out soon as I have a set of Bosch lithium batteries on the way for a conversion :grin::grin::grin:

I tried to use the monitor function with sentry and I could not get it to work. Does it save the data? Or do you have to somehow leave the laptop hooked up while you are driving to monitor in real time? Thanks again -josh

I think your throttle assembly may be going south Swap it out with a known good one… If it is it will get worse. These puppy’s are expensive. Hope it’s something else

Well I changed my settings to the ones Inwo provided. Same thing. Cut out at 18/19 mph. So I took the motor apart again and sanded the brushes some. Put it back together and it would accelerate to around 28 but very choppy and motor cutting in and out the whole time. Got back to the house and it smelled like burned electrical from the motor. The motor has overheated once or twice before after I made it go faster. Oh well I wanted a new motor anyways. What motor do y’all recommend?

stock GE motor . they are the most reliable

Will a stock ge 5hp motor survive running low to mid 30mph range for extended periods?? I’m pretty sure my e6 has 14.7:1 gears and 22.5 inch tires. I talked to d&d and they recommended an es-132-68 motor. But they could not tell me the kv or rated rpm of the motor. Anyone have experience with that model?

All the E-6’s I have played with all have 7 HP motors.