2010 GEM E6 somedays goes over 16mph other days dont

Please help! I bought this 2010 E6 a few months ago and in HIGH it will run sometimes at 25mph but other days at 16mph to 18mph. At low speeds it tops at 16mph. I have replaced so far the REV-LOW-HIGH switch and the speed sensor. I also tried to add an MM but that does not affect the problem.

What else can I check?

Thanks in advance!

Stuck brushes in the motor possibly?

Do I have to take apart the motor or is it just taking off the cover by the sensor?

Someone else will have to answer that, I’m not familiar with the newer design GE motors, so without one in front of me, I couldn’t tell you.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions? PLEASE

I was/am having the same problem. It eventually stopped working and I was getting error code 21. I took it in to the service center and they said the throttle module needs to be replaced. I have one on order and will see if that fixes the problem. Will let you know if that fixes the issue.

To clean the brushes, you have to take the motor out of the car.

Some motors are open or VENTED at the Motor head and you can simply take the “vented cover” off and get to the brushes. But other motors are closed or NO vents and it requires you to take the motor head off and clean the brushes with the motor pretty much all apart. If your not familiar I would advise having a pro do it for you or some one with some electric motor experience

I was able to take the head off. Here are the pictures of how it looks. It appears to me that nothing is wrong but can someone look at the pictures and give your opinion?

Take all the (square) brushes out. Yes a lady’s Nail file and clean out all 4 surfaces of each brush head so all 4 brushes slide in and out with no issues

Just finished cleaning the brushes and that was the problem . Thanks so much for the help!

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Hey just curious how easy of a task was this to do? I have 4 2013 e6’s and figured as a part of winter maintenance might look into making sure thats checked off the list. Thanks!