Controller programmer

I see some of you have purchased a programming kit and are doing your own programming.
Where would I purchase this and what is the approximate expense?

PM Inwo he is the subject matter expert and has them for sale.

Thanks. I’m new. I’ll try to find the PM.

Yes, I can help.

Hi- I have the sentry software on order and wondered if you had guidelines for settings on a GEM E6?

Currently the speedometer reads 26 and the limiter kicks in but the car is actually going 22. I’d like to get it up to actual speed and if I could add a few MPH beyond that it would be great. I have a GEM 2011 E6 with 14" wheels and tires.

it’s unusual to see a gem actual speed that far under speedo . get your tire pressure up tp 32psi it well make a difference. when u get your software post your current specs and we can give u changes.