E825 T1 Controller Programming

Hey all,

Anyone have the settings and definitions of the fields for a T1 Controller?

Looking to remove speed governor at bare minimum but also looking to update regen settings to make it more aggressive in order to use it as primary braking.


MPH Overspeed Limit is Function 20 I set mine to 40MPH. That should prevent regen from coming on below 40
Func 9 is Regen Armature Current
Func 10 is Regen Field Current
I would start by ratcheting 9 up and see if you get the desired effect. I believe but haven’t tested that it is the main regen current that you want
If you email me at Iammrvern@sbcglobal.net I will send you a manual on the T1

Thanks Mr.Vern!

I’ll try the speed change first, then work on the regen settings.

Basically what I want to do is raise when it turns on and increase the maximum output, which I am hoping increases the regen and this slows the vehicle faster.

Ideally I want to make it more like a Tesla or Power wheel with single pedal driving. Then no need to upgrade to the disk brakes :grinning:



Function 20 didn’t seem to do anything with top speed. Looking at the manual you posted, what do you have for function 7, minimum field current, This function allows the adjustment of the field weakening level in order to set the top speed of the motor.


Function 20 will only remove the regen braking. Field weakening comes at 80 usually. I took mine to 60 and got the top speed. You need to be careful about going too low. I would try 65 first to see if you get what you want.

Function 7 - Minimum Field current was set to 85. Going to drop it to 65 and see what happens.