Front winch point?

I want to add two recovery hooks to the front of the E2 so that I can winch the cart into the back of the truck when I am loading and unloading alone. I am trying to figure out where the best spot would be and wanted to hear from those who have pulled the cart from the front. My thought was through the steel plate of the motor mount as that would pull from several frame locations reducing any stress in any one spot. Thanks for the thoughts in advance…

Works for me. Don’t weld on the cart with electronics installed.

There are 2 lift points on the front part of the frame that might be a place to look at or where the hood hinges and accessory bumper attach. Or the sling shot attachment hook on the rear behind the license plate, lol.:grin:

Do you not have the little loop in the front of the frame center?

I do not plan to weld them on, just bolt them on… I do not appear to have a hoop on the front of the frame. I was thinking maybe the motor mount plate or something in that area just wondered if there would be any harm pulling on the front frame assembly.