E2 ball joint replacement-

My 2009 e2 needs a front wheel lower ball joint replaced. Any words of wisdom? I plan to do the work. This is after 24,000 miles.

If you are familiar with the process of doing it on a car, You should have no difficulty doing it on a GEM. If one is worn out, the others are probably not good either, so since you have your tools out, just replace them all.

Thanks for the input. This is my first ball joint experience. But, it has gone well. The new upper ball joint is a press fit. The lower one slips in with no resistance suggesting wear in the control arm (what the manual calls it). I am going to try to find a replacement control arm. I also thought about using red Thread Lock. That would hold for awhile I would think. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks again for your interest.


If the ball joint is loose enough to slip into the control arm without
tools it is only going to get looser over time. Take the arm and the ball
joint to someone with a wire feed welder and have them put 2-3 tack welds
on it to secure it in place.

Thank you - I will check your idea out. Sounds like a good one.