Cheep Tow Hook (Amazon)

Hey I know this is a Item most don’t wanna have or add on, But for $17 I thought “what the heck”. We were doing some off roading “smooth Jeep trails” nothing serious, but my tires are in no way dirt tires & we had a buddy with us that had a 4x4 Can Am Maverick. So we could gotten pulled out of any situation. But what came to mind from all my Towing experience with the Gems Pull points are Way under the car and hard to get to and if anything with some lift or height pulling you Most likely the tow strap would pull up and on the plastic. And that when I thought, I’m not going any further cause if I get stuck I don’t wanna lay on the wet ground to hook up a tow rope and I don’t want the rope breaking my plastic if I need a tug. So for $17 I picked up this Aluminum to point. It installed in like 5 mins and I’m good to go.

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LOL - I total need this for another reason.
I break down all the time !!!

And Just for a Second can we talk about How ridiculously inexpensive some stuff is. Notice I didn’t use the word cheap because that’s not what this thing is. Disclaimer I don’t know what grade of Aluminum it is but I’m sure if it’s used in the manner it’s designed it will last forever. But for $17 delivered your getting a Laser cut/ Anodized Part with aluminum backing plate & stainless Hardware it’s just crazy, I can’t see how some company’s can make a living selling stuff like this. We all love to hate China but have no problem buying all their crap My self included!

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Two or four would be better, no?
Do you have a link?

You can Mount them flat as well. But it looks like you could Mount on the rear just as easy if not more the frame mounting point is right at the end of the car. I think I’ll order one for the rear just to be a geek.

You need three more - two on the front and two on the back! You have to be symmetrical

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You need a 2nd one on there so you can mount a pipe between them and have a bumper too!

any idea if these are useful for a 2002? I don’t recall seeing THAT mounting plate on my 2002.

I don’t think it would work on a 02 cause the hood Arch’s down and possibley in the way of where the hook would mount. But I could see a Gem car Bumper working?

I have a bumper if your Intrested $100+ shipping

And look what showed up today

Put it on the front… with the other one.

Your suggesting that just so it looks symmetrical?

I’ll think about it but have to stop adding things to the GEM for a bit right now. Considering selling the 2002 GEM and '98 Ram 2500 to help offset the cost of a 2022 Ford Lightning.

This seems like a Good option for your 2002+ cars. You could drill and “bolt in” the stud to your frame in the front, & if and when you need a tow You simply screw in the Seat belt style tow strap & your good to go. Most 2002’s have a built in tie down or attachment point in the front of the sub frame

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Now I can give some one a tow if need be. I need to find a nice compact tow strap.