Rodney & Ez Steer

Hey Rodney are you getting my Emails? I have sent you 3 now and I have not heard back from you.

Here are a few picks of the $350 Ez steer I bought from Rodney “old houseboater”
Let me know what you all think about the quality and or craftsmen ship of this stearing Colum.

Maybe not gorgeous to look at but if it works cosmetics is not a problem. It’s just an adaptor to make the cart easier to turn. It’s not going to break under stress of steering I’m sure and you’ll never see it after installation.

I priced the parts to make one of these and given the effort involved in fabrication for a very small market he’s making almost nothing on this. I think he should be commended on his willingness to make this available to the community.


No Emails

Try me again

Did you get it installed?


Did you take pictures of the install? Please post if you did.


Hey I wanted to Report back. I have put about 200 Miles on my Ez Steer since I installed it. I have to say its pretty awesome. It makes U turns much easier and much more enjoyable to drive at low speeds and tight turns.

I even bought a 2nd EZ steer Kit for another car and they love it as well.

Both of my cars have big wheels and turning at low speeds is a pain with the stock set up. With the Ez steer its way way better.

I also have a 08 It has the Factory Ez steer along with the batterys moved to the back of the car so the weight is not directley over the wheels

I can say with out a doubt that my 02 with Huge wide wheels and Ez steer is easier to turn the My 08

Got them check your inbox.

Why can’t I see the pictures?

Grant will have to repost them.

You can thank Photobucket for blackmailing it’s users like myself. For several years I have been posting my pictures on Photobucket and then linking them to third-party sites like this one and a month back they sent an email to all its users saying you had to upgrade to a premium “$400 per year” account to allow third-party hosting. So give us $400 per year and we will let all the pics you posted re-Apper