Gem EZ Steer

EZ Steer conversion for your 99 to 04 GEM.

50% reduction in effort. Requires drilling of 3 holes and trimming of Binacle Shroud. See Picture.

$450 Exchange Plus $30 shipping.

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Hey Rodney,

I don’t understand what is being done to the replacement unit to make it turn easier? My wheel is a little tuff to turn and nice and tight down to the wheels. My friends is real easy but he has a 1/4 turn slop in it. I could never go for that much play in the steering.

What’s the difference between the stock unit and yours?

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2 to 1 reduction gearbox. Your friends cart is probably 2005 or newer. He also needs to tighten the clamp bolt on the steering shaft on the steering box end.

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Ok, now I understand. Thanks.

Still for sale?

I have one


Do you have these for an 05 e4? The stock steering is tough on my wife to turn at low speed.

Not at present. I’m in the midst of moving and getting married. Probably in the fall


Ok sounds good. I’ll touch base then

Hello all! I’m new to the forum and am looking forward to knowing more about my new Gem. I bought a 2002 Gem four seeter today and it need a new steering gear/rack. The one that is in it has broken into pieces. How much would this steering gear be with out a good exchange one? Or does anyone know where I could buy a good used one? I know I can buy a new one but I’m trying to save some money. Thank you-Kris

I have a 2001 GEM that is very hard to steer at low speeds. Do you still sell these ?

Started making them Aug 2020

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Thanks for the reply. I’m going to try a “quick steer” 2:1 but use it in reverse so it should give me a 50% reduction in effort.

Did you ever try the 2:1 quick steer?
If so, how did it turn out?

Yes work well. If you do make sure you address all the safety related aspects.

The 2:1 in reverse is what I use today, even though I also went lithium that allowed me to remove the two batteries up front. The only issue I had was finding it hard to get the steering shaft to a-line since both the steering box and steering wheel bracket were difficult to move for proper a-linement, I just had to allow flexibility ( loose fit)at the joint of the 2:1 unit. The extra wheel turns don’t seem to be a problem.

My units have custom brackets. All movable joints are welded and roll pined for safety.

Hi Rodney, Are you still making these conversion kits. I have a 2022 four seater.