New Test Drive, Steering Effort??

Hi group, I don’t have a GEM but am shopping for one (e2 likely).

Went to a dealer yesterday who was less than motivated to sell anything, anyway they let me drive a eL XD that they use around the place. Other than being exceptionally long I found it took a great deal of effort to steer the thing. They did not have an e2 to compare to.

Do y’all find the GEM hard to steer in general? I think it would be a good fit for my neighborhood but I was not in love with that long eL XD utility version.

May be looking for another dealer as well. One that wants to help.


Depends on the year. Some steered much easier than others.

Could also be an issue in the steering mechanics. Something like a seized ball joint in a manual steering cart like these will really make you work to turn.

EDIT: Totally missed what you meant by “new” - figured you meant “new to gems”. Didn’t click that you were test driving a '20 or '21 until I read Dave’s post.

The new el xd are very hard to steer. I believe they are designed for the power steering option.
My e2 steers easily without power steering.

Thanks all. I’m going to try and visit a different dealer who has an E2 for me to test drive. Glad to hear that the eL EX is actually hard to steer and it wasn’t my age or imagination. The rep told me it didn’t have power steering but I didn’t even know that was a real option.


It’s fine for a work truck. …
Where are you located?

I have EZ STEER units for 98 thru 04 models

Hey Rodney,
What is a ez steer is it a electric pow steering?
What is the cost?

EZ STEER Is a reworked steering column with a 2 to 1 reduction gear integrated.

cost is $450 exchange. I have 18 in the field with 100% Satisfaction.

Have you replaced the rubber bushings on each end of the shock/ strut? The metal sleeve has crushed the rubber all the way through.

Hey Rodney
I sold my Gem Car and I have an extra transmission I want to sell.
I purchased a new input shaft from you and installed it.kept having a noise when I let up on the accelerator. Found out it was a worn motor shaft coupling. When I bought a new R4f motor the noise went away.
I am moving from central Florida to Virginia in the first of June.
Was wondering if you would be interested in the transmission