Hard steering on Gem e2 2005

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For years my 2005 e2 Gem has had hard steering. I have had 4 different service guys throughout the years and all have said it’s just the way it steers. While I had a hard time believing that; I could not figure how to fix it, until my entire gauge unit started to move. After trying to see how they attached the gauge/turn signal unit; I was surprised to find it was attached to the steering column. I am disappointed by the way Gem made everything about this cart and this is just another “worst engineering” they could have done item. After removing the golf card holder, there are 4 screws that hold the gauge unit to the steering column. I noticed that there was dust from the steering wheel hitting those 4 screws. After tightening those screws, it felt like I had “power steering”. So I have lived with “tough steering” for 7 years. I have to think they are all built with this defect. So if your cart is hard to turn, check this out, it’s a ten minute fix. Why I’m disappointed with this cart? I have replaced the : motor twice (one rebuilt the brushes) 5.0 HP, then replaced with 7.5 HP, charger to ride4fun super charger, rebuilt the golf bag holder (it was spot welded and all of them broke), back window cracked at the screws, bearing leaks, back fender screws stripped and broke from the frame, service man was trying to straighten my steering wheel, put it back crooked and now it will not come off again, 3 set of batteries (two set of gels) switched to 150 amp trojans, 3 set of tires (only used on golf course - and front wheel drive is useless on wet grass), ignition switch went out (over $130 for new one),
headlights wiring was faulty, and now there is a clicking noise and something else is going to break. The cost per mile for this vehicle is ridiculous. Many times I have almost just cut my loses and brought something else…[comment deleted by moderator]

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I have custom fabricated a GEM steering wheel puller. This tool will easily remove any GEM steering wheel.
I have not experienced tight steering on the 2005 and newer GEM. The steering ratio on these is actually easier than earlier years. However, we now have tight steering on one of the 2002 GEMs. This is a tight steering knuckle that I will change soon. I have switched all four GEMs to thinner front tires, which make it easier to steer by virtue of less friction. The number is: CL519077 and is made in the US by Carlisle. Working on these things for a decade now has led me to my own frustrations, but I have passed on much of what has been learned on here.


Two of the service guys had the “special” steering wheel puller and still could not get the wheel off…

Then maybe this was unique to just my cart; it was more of an fyi to anyone who might have had this same problem and an easy way to see if it’s affecting your cart is just look at the center of the steering wheel for black dust which would indicate the bottom of the steering wheel is rubbing against the 4 screws that hold the gauge unit to the steering column.