DIY Ez Steer installation

I have a few GEMs most of them are 2002’s. I never thought the steering was heavy or hard until I got a 2008 GEM. The steering on that car is 1/2 the effort of my 2002.

I decided to get a kit from Rodney they cost $350 and you have to send back your old steering colum for exchange. I installed one in my personal GEM and it works great.

Our Family GEM that my older parents drive and my 5 year old nephew drives sure could benefit from the Ez steer kit. So I ordered a 2nd one up.
I want to share some pic’s of the install of the GEM car Ez Steer kit. .]]]]]]]]]]]]http://[/IMG]][/IMG]I

How long did it take u to install? I have a 2001 I’d like to tackle doin . Pretty mechanical.does steering come with instructions for gem instal?? Appreciate the feedback!

I would give yourself 4 hrs to do it