FoxZilla: VW Fox to vette' killer

I have broken ground on my project by starting my webpage! I will get pictures up as soon as possible. So far I have removed everything ICE and setup the vacuum system.

Here is the website!

cool deal, keep it updated… throw a blog up when you can… I use wordpress… pretty good. Coppermine is my gallery and I like it

Cool! I had a Fox wagon, the rare 2 door model, and they’re great little cars. Foxes are very unusual in that the engine is mounted north-south in the bay as compared to the east-west transverse mounting on every other water cooled VW (well, the Dasher was another exception, but hardly any of those were sold in the US). It had the same 1.8L engine as the rest of the A2 line, but had a huge inlet restrictor and even bigger exhaust restictors, choking the normal 110 hp down to around 80. Crappy performance, but they got well over 40 mpg, even the EPA estimates of the time said 27 mpg!? Seems like it’d make a great EV, they are only about 2050 lbs in ICE trim, and you can easily ditch 500 or more lbs removing the ICE junk.

Can’t wait to follow your progress, good luck!

Thats cool! I always wanted to do it with a Wagon. I Picked this car because I always want to have something no one else has. And I had never heard of a fox! so I bought it.