Ford Think lithium upgrade

My cart is a Ford Think
I totally rebuilt this cart and it’s look great but I don’t have a lot of knowledge in electricity
I have nothing against Samsung pack :grin: I just don’t know how to manage the connectors and the BMS
If you can explain this in detail, I can try to do this


Here are complete Samsung installation instructions in a Think…


Ok this looks easy :smiley: Thanks
Where did you got this pack ?

That’s my main product. Also sold by associates in Ca. And Fl. Possibly KcMo.
Picture installed in a Gem. A little easier in think as it fits under seat crossways.
sam 22s on shelf

$2750 complete picked up or delivered along someone’s route.
Add $150 Fedex shipping.
I/we take cash payment methods. Zelle, Venmo, check by mail.
I do not take PayPal payments for goods.

Interesting timing. I assisted on one of these today.
There was some minor trimming(plastic) in the tray area, flipped over the plastic battery divider, Removed the flimsy corner deflectors up front(unbolted and drilled out the rivents), we had to cut a groove in the aluminum upbrace to bury the handbrake cable, and move the main relay a bit.
It fit like OJ Simpson trying on a glove, but this battery looks like it belongs in there.

@Avi - Has your cluster been rebuilt by BoB the Cluster Guy yet?

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Very nice, thank you. Did @JarJarJava give you good instructions? Sounds right on point today.

No I don’t have ani batteries at the moment

Like the OJ reference :grinning:

No batteries :grinning: on the cart at all so I need to make a choice

@Avi - Have you had your cluster modified by Bob?

No :thinking: I don’t know Bob

I am nowhere NEAR an expert on these(so do your research).
All cards on the table.

One weak link with the Ford Think is the cluster. This is the round display in the center of the dash. It does some major decision/safety checks and the human interface to the car. Without it, your car is dead. If you step back from the car a bit - Your car was only built one year and is now about 20 years old. There is not a huge warehouse of parts available to keep these things rolling.

The cluster apparently has a major flaw that sometimes decides to not boot up any longer. It involves the input power. Bob is the guy that figured it out and offers repair services. According to him it is not about IF your cluster will fail, but WHEN.

He is also HIGHLY biased against lithium. He thinks we are all crazy and says it will never work (even when we show him a working car). When asked why/where is the weak link, he just avoids the question.

The reason I bring it up is that I suspect the cluster is probably the weak component here. In stock form it may not appreciate the higher voltage. Hearing Bob go all twitchy every time someone mentions Lithium might suggest he also may be using components on the edge of voltage limits too.

Google search “Bob the cluster guy” and you should be directed to his content.

Thanks :pray:
I think I have all the information I’ll contact Bob
( without telling him that I might go lithium)

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Not sure if i need to start a new topic or reply…but here goes.

Its 2023. What is the latest battery pack upgrade?
What do you have…how is is holding up?
I have the gen 2 controller, and motor. I had my cluster rebuilt a few years ago by Scott at Electrons in Motion, along with some other upgrades.

Currently have gels that are aging out.

I see the Samsung SDI 22s

I am looking at the Bigbattery Falcon 72’s also


Looking to add some Lithium batteries to my Ford Think. Has anyone used the Tesla Modules? It appears that the Samsung SDI Cells are only good to 150A. What’s the Max Amps these pull?

Sdi works fine in Think.

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Is the original silver charger programable for lithium? Any lithium chargers available?